Your BMX Brakes Still Suck? This Could Help

When it comes to maintenance on BMX brakes, there’s a lot of small things that can be done that could make a big difference. Brant Moore has put out a number of videos focusing on different tricks and tips on how to dial in your brakes. This time around he takes a look at a few things you can do like grease and lube to make your brakes smoother and ultimately work better. There’s a good chance you haven’t thought of one or two of these before! Take a peek!

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You’ve done everything you can think of to make your BMX brakes feel good, but they’re still not feeling the way you hoped…You’ve followed the previous videos on dialing them in, and everything seems right but they just aren’t smooth..Welp, this one is for you!

There’s a couple things you can do with your brakes even when you think there’s nothing left to do that can make them feel better than you ever thought they could and that’s exactly what we’re going over in this video!

To the most advanced brake riders out there, some of this may feel obvious, but everyone has to learn somewhere and even after almost 15 years of riding brakes, I still find myself forgetting some of these things.
So hopefully this one can help some of you!” – Brant Moore

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