World of X Games – Cory Nastazio “Focus On One Thing”

The X Games keeping their World of X Games series going strong. This time around they caught up with Cory Nastazio to talk about what he’s been doing in quarantine, his riding and how he has been staying constant since the 90’s and still keeping going strong these days and more. It’s a real interesting listen, so hit play and take it all in!

The world of BMX Dirt has many characters, but none bigger than Cory “Nasty” Nastazio. Since the mid 1990s, Cory has been riding progressive dirt competitions, bringing some of the world’s biggest backflips with style to the front of the pack. And what’s better is, he’s still going. While the rest of Cory’s graduating BMX Dirt class at X Games has moved on, Cory is still out there pushing the boundaries of dirt riding well into his 40s, while, remaining a good father, husband and family man. A consummate professional, Nasty recently down with Brando to discuss quarantine life circa 2020. This is Nasty’s World.” – X Games

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