Wethepeople – Tom Weikert 2020

Over the past two or so years we’ve seen Tom Weikert‘s name start to pop up more and more, and with each video his riding seems to progress at a crazy rate. Here’s his newest video for Wethepeople and it’s non-stop heat from start to finish. Huge grinds, crazy spins and whips down big stair sets and gaps, nose balance and much, much more. This BMX video is a real good watch from start to finish. If you aren’t familiar with Tom and his riding just yet, you will want to be after seeing this one!

You all knew this dude was good, but did you know he was this good? Expect to have your minds blown by Wethepeople AM Tom Weikert in this new video filmed in the streets of Germany during the past year. From tech to burly, Tom Weikert is a name you should get very familiar with because you’re going to be seeing much more from this kid over the next few years.

Filmed & edited by Felix Prangenberg” – Wethepeople

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