Wethepeople 2021 Complete Bikes Out Now

Wethepeople have released their full line of 2021 complete bikes for riders to get their hands on. As always, Wethepeople deliver with a super in-depth line of bikes from high end aftermarket bikes like the Envy and Battleship to their full line of mid to entry level bikes and their bigger Avenger bike. Check out the promo up top, then get a look at all of the bikes with some insight from Dave Paterson on what went into each bike below!

“Innovation and creativity collide this season, as Wethepeople release the hugely anticipated 2021 collection of complete bikes”.

This time around, we have made a significant leap to deliver a truly new generation of complete bikes that not only use ground-breaking and radical design features but aim to feel exactly like a custom build bike should. Every rider deserves to have the best available options from a series of complete bikes and that is something we have always prided ourselves on. This year is no different and we made sure that no one is left out.

The 2021 Wethepeople complete bikes will be landing worldwide over October and November and available from all Wethepeople dealers.

Filmed and edited by Black Dots Video.
Featuring Nico Van Loon, Felix Prangenberg, Jordan Godwin and Tom Weikert.” – Wethepeople

2021 Envy

2021 Battleship

2021 Revolver

2021 Audio 22″

2021 Reason

2021 Justice

2021 Versus

2021 Arcade

2021 Trust Freecoaster

2021 Trust Cassette

2021 CRS

2021 Crysis

2021 Seed 16″

2021 Riot 14″

2021 Avenger

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