Weird & Revered – Justin Schwanke “Vagabond Squad” Section

Here’s one we’ve been looking forward to. Justin Schwanke‘s section from the Weird & Revered “Vagabond Squad” DVD is now online. Justin pulled double duty for this one as the filmer and editor, along with filming a full section packed with creative and unique riding from start to finish. Justin has a unique style that is very unpredictable, and will leave you guessing just what he’s going to do next. Needless to say, his section turned out super good from all the parks and parks he rode, to his backyard and garage ramps. Hit play because this one doesn’t disappoint!

“Vagabond Squad” is a full-length video from Canada’s Weird & Revered crew. Filmed from 2016 to 2019, the project is community rooted with a strong focus on the Edmonton BMX scene. Although a majority of the clips are from the crew’s home city, the footage spans 9 countries, 8 American states, and 4 Canadian provinces and territories.” – DIG

Justin is the main man behind Weird & Revered, affectionately referred to as our CEO. A title like that comes with a lot of responsibility and hard work. If a dozen guys are out riding together, it’s because Justin organized it. If someone gets a flat while riding, it gets fixed with the tools Justin lugs around in his backpack. And when a new Weird & Revered video hits the web, it’s because Justin spent hours hunkered down with his computer piecing it all together. On top of being an excellent filmer, photographer, and ringleader, Justin is also a very talented rider. He got his start in BMX racing and those roots show any time he’s soaring over a set of jumps or pedalling full speed at a street gap. What makes Justin unique, though, is an entirely different side to his riding. The realm of what he considers ‘rideable’ is certainly greater than your average rider. This has led to countless tricks and lines involving garbage cans, lumber carts, cardboard, and playgrounds. Justin is also a perfectionist which means these oddball sessions can last for hours as he toys with an obstacle that no one else considered. When he finally nails it though, the result is always worth it; this DVD section is proof.” – Derek Bolz

Justin is an organized man. He uses a day timer, ensures his water bottle is filled, and keeps his tires pressured up. Justin can be nearly predictable in that sense. His bike riding is the polar opposite. Living in a rural area for most of his life, Justin had to learn to get creative with what he had; whether that be barrels, plywood, or backyard ramps. Naturally, this led him to gain an appreciation for BMX’s most eclectic riders such as Tate Roskelley, Mike Mastroni, and Erik Elstran. If you want a video part that keeps you stoked, confused, and guessing throughout, look no further than Justin Schwanke in the Weird & Revered DVD.” – Jesse Baraniuk

Justin Schwanke is Weird & Revered. If you made this statement to him, he would humbly explain that the characters, the videos, the plane tickets, the scraped skin and bruised heels, the pinch flats, and the dusty lens covers are what this collective of BMX riding companions is composed of. I, for one, would disagree. If it were not for Justin, there would be no ‘Vagabond Squad.’ Justin’s drive and iron-clad persistence brought us all to this cinematic experience: A summary of 3 years of bike riding on various cameras and storage mediums with an unwritten essay for every hard earned clip. Credit should be given where credit is due. The least that you can do is watch Justin’s section, preferably 5 or more times as you won’t catch everything during the first viewing. After that, take 3 deep breaths and repeat the mantra: ‘This Is BMX.’” – Thomas Henderson

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