Weird & Revered In Israel

The Weird & Revered crew clocked a ton of miles while working on their “Vagabond Squad Video that was released online this past summer. While filming they traveled a ton and one of their trips took them to Israel to cruise the endless spots, along with take in the sights and culture. The best clips from the trip made it into the “Vagabond Squad” DVD, but they still had a ton of other footage that needed a home, so they whipped up this video loaded with goodness. Take a peek!

In February 2019, Thomas Henderson, Justin Schwanke, and Jesse Baraniuk of the Weird & Revered BMX crew travelled from Canada to Israel to film for their full-length DVD project, Vagabond Squad. The trio road tripped around the country with stops in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Be’er Sheva, Eilat, and the Dead Sea. They also travelled by bicycle into Bethlehem, crossing the Israeli / Palestinian border in between. This short web video is a collection of footage that didn’t make the cut for their DVD.” – DIG

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