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Here it is! All ten of the final videos for the Vans “The Circle” video contest have arrived and voting has opened up! This video contest took some of the top BMX shops across Europe from the UK to Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Russia and put them head to head to see who could produce the best video! Each team had up to 6 riders and the winning teams will be going after a nice chunk of money! Check out all of the videos right here! Up top is the Source BMX video, then down below you can find People’s Store (Germany), Il Butta (Italy), Soulcycle (Netherlands), 360BS (Spain), BMX Avenue (France), Bros Bike Store (France), Alan’s BMX (UK), Kunstform (Germany) and Stress BMX (Russia) down below! All of these teams crushed it with their videos, so it’s going to be a surprise to see who won!

All ten shop videos are now live and it’s your chance to VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE Vans ‘The Circle’ edit right here” – DIG


Vans Europe and DIG BMX are excited to announce that the final edits from all 10 shops are now live and ready to be judged by you.

Created to support local BMX stores, their riders and their communities, The Circle is a brand new BMX filming competition where 10 BMX shops from across the UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Russia will go head to head for the chance to win a share of €20,000 in prize money.

After assembling their teams of up to 6 members with a mix of pros and ams, the crews have been working hard to film and produce their final edits. Our brief to them was pretty simple; stay local, be inclusive, be creative and engage their community, which ultimately is at the core of what The Circle is all about. The aim is to celebrate local BMX communities, everyone who contributes to their scene and ultimately what makes their BMX circle what it is.”

Source BMX

Battling the cold weather, the UK’s Source BMX and their crew of Jordan O’Kane, Stu Chisholm, Max Hedges Daniel Bungay and Tom Wilson put out a blinder for Vans ‘The Circle’! Get stuck in immediately.

Video by Ali Jassim”

People’s Store

People’s Store out in Cologne, Germany called on Robin Heiderich, Mattes Torn, Kai Schulte-Lippen, Kilian Roth, Luka Hausler and Luc Flosbach for their Vans ‘The Circle’ video. Sit back and enjoy their great entry.

Video by Marcus Bruckner”

Il Butta BMX

Enrico Travisan, Matteo Bua, Paulo Giaconi, and Alessandro Valtorta hold it down for Il Butta BMX out in Pavia, Italy with some great riding.

Video by Mattia Lussana”

Soulcycle BMX

The gang from Soulcycle out in Amsterdam, Netherlands know what’s up when it comes to making a sick video! Some of these spots are out of hand too. Featuring, Emile Bouwman, Jack Nierathe, Sem Kok and Stijn Hens.

Video by Tom Lammerse / @tom.lammerse

Music by Bob Geurts / @bob_geurts_”


Stephan Atencio, Mati Lasgoity, Jesus Sanchez, Julian Molina, Liam Espinosa, Julian David, Jaume Sintes and filmer Fernando Marmolejo hold it down for 360BS out in Barcelona, Spain. These guys went in hard as hell and the video turned out wild!

Video by Fernando Marmolejo”

BMX Avenue

Featuring Kevin Manez, Edouard Carrot, Thomas Carrot, Arthur Dubrunfaut and Clement Santos, the fellas from BMX Avenue gave this their all and it really shows. Incredible stuff.

Video by Jean-Baptiste Delorme”

Bros Bike Store

The French sure know style when they see it! The Bros Bike Store team is as varied as it comes and together they absolutely kill it. Featuring Nico Badet, Matthias Dandois, Ben Gea, David Gomes, Maxime Duranseaud and Thibaut Srinarong.

Video by Arnaud Wolff”

Alan’s BMX

Alans BMX went in big time for their VANS ‘The Circle’ entry and came through with a really solid mix of riding from their eclectic team. Featuring Chris Smith, Pawel Piotrowski, James Heyes, Sam Davies Bate, Andy Kay and Tom Cookson.

Video by Thaddeus O’Callaghan and Tom Garcia”


Kunstform has some serious tech prowess on their team and they sure brought out the cutting-edge moves in this! Felix Prangenberg, Felix Donat, Miguel Smajli, Artur Meister and shop owner Daniel Fuhrmann, with the help of filmer David Schaller, put out a gem of an entry.

Video by David Schaller”

Stress BMX

Russian shop Stress really put on their thinking caps with this one. Both filming and riding wise this one is an absolute treat, and definitely outside the box. Featuring Martsin Shershan, Ilya Usoltsev, Aleksandr Aksenov, Nikita Fomin, Dmitriy Osokin and Roman Shalimov.

Video by Konstantin Chernov”

All ten shop videos are now live and it’s your chance to VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE Vans ‘The Circle’ edit right here” – DIG

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