Vans – Dakota Roche “Seeking Liberty”

Dakota Roche in Philadelphia!

It’s always a good day when a new Dakota Roche video drops! Here’s his new “Seeking Liberty” video from Vans filled with a ton of amazing riding from some time he spent cruising Philadelphia after not visiting the city for 8 years! You already know everything about this is an absolute MUST SEE! After you give the video a watch, then make sure you check out Dakota’s new signature Vans Slip-On BMX kit!

The first time Vans BMX’s Dakota Roche had the opportunity to ride Philly was 13 years ago and since then, it’s held a special place in his heart. Although Dak grew up on the west coast, he has always had a love and fascination with the style of spots on the east coast. The grittiness, character and architecture just speaks to BMXers differently than anywhere else in the world… After 8 years since Dakota’s last visit(and being cooped up for most of 2020), finally being free to rip around The City of Brotherly Love once again felt better than he could have imagined, and having the first ever Slip On BMX was the icing on the cake. Hope you enjoy the visual representation of Dak’s time spent in Philadelphia, seeking liberty.

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Directed by Calvin Kosovich

Filmed by Calvin Kosovich & Dan Foley

Music Credits:
Song 1 – Intro by Calvin Kosovich

Song 2 – St. James & The Apostles
“Not Above, Not Below”
From the album “Black Psalms”
Ghost Imprint” – Vans

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