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Nik Ford hit us up with a double whammy today! Nik has decided to upload both of the full-length videos he put together, “Unsung” from 2007 and “What Next” from 2009, for your viewing pleasure! Both videos have a ton of great Mid School vibe with riding from a ton of familiar faces, along with a bunch of new names we weren’t familiar with. Check out “Unsung” up top, then make the jump to watch “What Next”!

Unsung BMX DVD

Not celebrated; unknown.

This was the first official BMX DVD I released at the end of 2007.

Unsung sold over 1000 copies worldwide and was stocked in all core bike shops. 26 stockists to be precise as well as successful sales on ebay.

I am thankful to everyone that made this DVD possible, riders, friends, family, the BMX industry and my sponsors.

I purchased a PRS music license for use of all the songs as well as sourcing some unsigned recording artists. Simon Tabron kindly gave me a few of his tracks to use.

The physical DVD had lots of extras including, Love Metal Jam, Unsung promotional trailer, bonus riding, crash section and music credits.

I have also uploaded my 2nd DVD, What Next…? to my YouTube, check it out.

Riders –

Ed Tongue
Pete Moore
Adam Galt
Tom Elliott
Chris Zawlocki
Ross Waring
Tommy C
Stephen Fray
Martin Barry
Paul Tucker
Tom Mullen
Toby Gresswell
Matt Hill
Olly Dale
Rich Brake
Andy Coleman
Shaun Hadlington
Nik Ford
Dean Cueson
Jonny Shears
Lee Hathaway
Ben Norgate
Stu Whyte
Adam Pope
Ryan Taylor
Luke Clarke
Kenny Ken
Lee Pentecost
Rob Sawford
Neil Harrison
Joe Bailey”

What Next…? BMX DVD

This was the 2nd official BMX DVD I released on Halloween 2009.

I had less physical discs pressed compared with Unsung as the game was changing and posting videos online was on the increase. What Next…? still sold over 600 copies worldwide. Secured over 20 core bike shop stockists and was very successful on eBay.

The title came about as I was being asked what’s next, following on from my first DVD. I may or may not have done the graffiti for the front cover and disc print. It really comes alive in the intro!

I purchased a PRS music license for use of all the songs. However I had to change the intro song from “rockin in the free world” by Neil Young as YouTube blocked the upload. I chose to use the song “push things forward” by the streets as that is what I used in the trailer. It matched up ok but I do like to edit lyrically so some the visuals matched better in the DVD cut.

The physical dvd had lots of extras including, Unsung remix, bonus riding, What Next…? trailer, crash section, Diamondback BMX 2010 range promotional edit by Joe Coales, music credits with hidden Simon Tabron footage and a photo gallery

Riders –

Dan Shepherd
Del Shepherd
Kye Forte
Toby Forte
Leo Forte
Tom Elliott
Nik Ford
Simon Tabron
Chris Zawlocki
Ross Waring
Rico Ferguson
Aaron Nicholson
Eman Wain
Dan Allington
Ben Sutor
Matt the mute Parker
Brad Mulholland
Rich Brake
Olly Dale
Pete Moore
Andy Coleman
Jonny Shears
Martin Barry”

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