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The Unclicked Podcast is back with another interview for you to check out! This time around Dennis Enarson and Ryan Fudger sits down to talk to Pat Casey to talk about everything from working out to riding contests, filming his crazy Dream Yard 4 video, sponsors, family and more! This has a lot of interesting and funny stories, along with a good chance to get to know Pat a little better. Hit play and take it all in!

Fresh off a podium in Brazil, another in Houston, and the drop of the fourth installment of his Dreamyard series, Pat Casey sits down with Dennis and myself and we go down a hell of a path…the table of contents will give you more than a clue.

0:00​ – Intro & the status of Pat’s abs
5:55​ – Shitting himself at X Games
11:20​ – Choking out Kyle Baldock (also at X Games)
17:10​ – Riding an event in Brazil during the pandemic
21:20​ – How covid made Dreamyard 4 happen
28:15​ – The battle for a banger
32:40​ – The editing in Dreamyard 4
38:55​ – The unseen version of Dreamyard 3
45:55​ – Getting narc’d on to the city
52:30​ – What it’s like being Reid Casey’s father
1:04:40​ – The reason Pat got kicked off Haro (maybe)
1:09:40​ – Riding for Mongoose Bikes
1:18:43​ – Setting himself on fire
1:28:42​ – Does having a family add pressure at events?
1:31:50​ – Judging (and misjudging) at events
1:42:20​ – Pat’s unclicked turndown is gonna be the new logo/wrap up” – Our BMX

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