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Another round of the Unclicked Podcast has arrived. This time around Dennis Enarson and Ryan Fudger sit down with Kevin Peraza to talk about everything from moving to California, getting married, riding, sponsors, olympics and more. As always, this ends up being a super good listen and gives you a chance to get to know Kevin better since he’s a super good dude!

New logo, new co-host, new location, and a new dog that interrupts the podcast, but it’s still the same Unclicked Podcast…now in video form!

Season 2, Episode 2. Kevin Peraza joins Dennis and I for two solid hours of discussing his move to San Diego, his motivations, Olympic dreams, and everything in between. Check the timecodes below if you want to jump around:

1:00 – Moving to San Diego
12:00 – Not talking about his Range Rover / Social media in general
20:00 – Having a true BMX Family
29:30 – When he decided he wanted to be a pro rider
45:47 – Does he take events seriously?
59:50 – Homogenization of BMX tricks
1:05:30 – “The end goal is longevity”
1:09:49 – “Everyone does the same filler tricks”
1:13:25 – Kevin’s status with the Olympics
1:26:00 – Choosing to ride for Mongoose
1:35:50 – A signature Kevin Peraza frame
1:38:50 – Going on his first Demolition trip (in a week)
1:43:45 – “I usually film video parts in a week”
1:51:15 – Adjusting to California during the pandemic” – Our BMX

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