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Oh yes! Here’s one we’ve been waiting for. The Unclicked Podcast caught up with Brad Simms to do a proper interview to talk about everything from how he got his start in BMX and how BMX kept him going and not getting caught up in trouble, to traveling, filming and everything. This also covers a lot about the ups and downs of being a Pro rider as well which is really interesting, considering Brad has been having a hell of a year now that he’s on Fit Bike Co.. Hit play and give this a listen because it’s a super good listen.

Our first fly-in guest. Brad Simms has, bar none, been our most requested guest and it just so happens that he won himself a NORA Cup Award…so I hit him up and we made it happen. Enjoy!

0:00 – Intro / Why Brad is here
2:19 – “For a while I was kind of angry”
5:30 – Brad’s torrid background
10:00 – Where the travel kicked off.
16:10 – Sleeping on dirt floors in Indonesia
19:45 – Getting stuck in Kyrgyzstan for a month
24:45 – Traveling having an adverse effect on his career.
29:10 – “I’ve been told no by 90% of the companies in BMX”
33:15 – “If I can’t make it happen in six months, I’ll fade out…”
37:55 – Brad’s approach to the insta clips he films
43:10 – Doing it for the likes
46:50 – How did he end up on Fit
49:55 – “Do you think you’re a better rider now than ever?”
51:50 – Instagram sponsorship weirdness
57:40 – Filming a video part vs Instagram clip
1:00:40 – Surprising Brad with his Reader’s Choice Rider Of The Year NORA Cup” – Our BMX

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