Tyrone Williams – Life Behind Grips

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This is awesome! Here’s a documentary style video telling Tyrone Williamsβ€˜ story from how he got into bikes to becoming Pro, owning a shop and much, much more. Tyrone has been a keeping the NYC scene going strong for years, so this is a rad way to learn a little bit more about him and what he is doing to keep himself and a lot of other people on two wheels!

β€œThis is the official cinematic BMX video for Tyrone Williams. An NYC BMX LEGEND!! We’re super excited to share this video with you today! In this cinematic video he will explain all his ventures and why he still rides till this day! He shows love to every rider in New York City and has been running the infamous New York bike shop for over a decade – Dah Shop! He has been in the BMX scene since the early 90’s and most definitely has the passion to progress in the sport while operating multiple companies! Show your appreciation by subscribing, commenting, liking and sharing this video! This is our BEST one yet!”

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