Truing A BMX Wheel with Evan At Lux BMX

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Anyone who has rode BMX for more than a few days knows that it’s not if, but when your wheels will need a proper truing to keep them in line and rolling smooth. Lux BMX put together giving you some tips and advice on how to true your wheels when they could use some TLC. This is more focused on the general maintenance of keeping the spokes snug and the wheel straight without hops with tips on tightening and loosening spokes to get it just perfect. This is great advice and can save you loads of money in the long run by being able to do this yourself versus having to run to the shop every time your wheels get beat up.

If you have ridden a BMX bike you have probably had a buckled wheel. Ev runs you through all the little tips and tricks that you need in keeping your wheels straight and running fast!
Spoken by Evan.
Filmed and edited by Tim Storey
” – Lux BMX

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