Transforming a School Into A BMX Park

The Moto Bunka crew coming through with an interesting video showing how Yuta Tominagas has been working on turning an old school into a shop and BMX park for the riders to enjoy! This starts out as a podcast, but then switches over to a video tour. It’s all in Japanese, but the sub-titles are in English so it’s easy to follow along with. This looks awesome and we’re stoked on this! It looks like this should be awesome for the scene over there as well.

This also reminded us of Taj Mihelich‘s old Odyssey “Electronical” video part where he took an old abandoned school and built ramps to create a ton of unique setups to ride! We’ve re-embedded that below to enjoy again as well!

Motobunka Report-ep8: Transforming a school into a BMX Park. On the road to Yuta Tominagas dream.

Park owner: Yuta Tominaga
Place: @big_mountain_rooms
Director: Daisuke Shiraishi
Soundtrack by Keita Sano
Translater: Pegy, Grace Yuri” – Moto Bunka

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