“Today I Got Time” – Full Video

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You can’t go wrong when there’s a new East Coast video to check out. Here’s a new full-length video Seth Ethier put together featuring some familiar and new faces going to work on spots around New York and New Jersey all the way down to Florida, Japan, Spain, France, Columbia and more. If you’re looking for a proper BMX video from the streets, this is the one for you! You can also learn more about the DVD over on the 90East Website where Seth has an interview talking about what went into it!

Video made off of jokes and Alcohol
Stephen Klien 0:00
Johnny Monaco 2:32
Joey Piazza 3:43
Cody Neiswender 4:57
Shane Byrnes 6:58
Mix 1 9:02
Mix 2 10:44
Japan Mix 13:37
Seth Ethier 14:34
Matt Mantas 16:57
Zack Cooke 19:25
Zeeeky 21:00
Terrence O’Brien 21:57

Thanks to 90 EAST and Scapegoat Projects“

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