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Check out this fresh one from Volume and Odyssey‘s German connect Tim Guntner who went to work putting his pegs to heavy use on spots around Germany and Barcelona! No shortage of solid clips in this, so get on that play button and check it out!

YEWW! German Volume Bikes and Odyssey rider Tim Güntner getting his tech on in the streets of Hamburg (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain).

A noble technician in the wild: Tim Güntner has teamed up with the filmmaker Anton Arens and the result is just under four minutes of straight fire with extra sauce from Hamburg and Barcelona. After all, Tim is on the road through @SIBMX for @Volume Bikes and @Odyssey BMX via @SIBMX – and the fact that Anton makes great videos should not have been general knowledge since the Bangers Freestyle Film Festival 2020.

The only downer: Unfortunately, this will probably be the last cooperation between Tim and Anton for the time being, because the man behind the camera recently moved to Cologne. Here are a few lines he passed on to us about his latest work:

“I can no longer say when exactly we started filming. On the one hand, because it has to be at least 3 years. On the other hand, we never really filmed intentionally, but simply kept on it with my VX when it worked In addition to the clips from Hamburg, there was also a trip to Barcelona in 2019. After I broke each of the three VX models and destroyed 2 tapes, I switched to HD and thus more reliability. old “clips are in no way inferior to the new ones and consequently this video is a mix of 4: 3 and 16: 9. It is also a kind of end to my time in Hamburg. Enjoy!”

Video: Anton Arens” – Freedom BMX

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