The Source Park – BMX Documentary: Episode 1

Source BMX have begun releasing the documentary that was released a little while back about their location in Hastings, England that has an incredible backstory. The undertaking of converting an abandoned building that once acted as a swimming pool and ice rink, and even a skatepark at one point, then sat empty for years.

Episode one has the backstory of the building, along with a look at the initial starting of what has become Source BMX’s base of operations and one of the best indoor parks around the world, along with the backstory on the owners, Marc and Richard Moore.

This is a super interesting watch, so hit play and take it all in! Keep an eye out for episode 2 that we imagine will be online sooner than later.

The Source Park / BMX / Documentary / Episode 1

Over the course of two years, this story follows two brothers, Marc and Richard Moore during a huge restoration project based in the East Sussex coastal town of Hastings. Their idea was simple, to build the world’s largest underground skate park underneath the promenade of Hastings seafront inside a space that dates back to the 1800’s and has laid derelict for the past eighteen years.

Rider List:

Van Homan
Joe Rich
Dan Lacey
Larry Edgar
The Fids
Marc Moore
Richard Moore
Ricky Ratt
Josh Heritage
Jamie Lusted
Marc Goodwin
Jon Taylor
Darryl Nau
Sebastian Keep
Chad Kerley

Director: Tom Pickard
Location: Hastings, United Kingdom
Language: English” – Source BMX

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