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Over the past few weeks there’s been some buzz going around that Premium was making some changes and basically revamping the whole brand to bring it back to life after it becoming pretty stagnant the past few years. Kyle Carlson dropped this new video interview with Kevin Conners who is back with the brand as the product designer / developer and their first big pro team announcement, Colin Varanyak. This interview definitely left us pretty excited to see what’s to come because it looks like Kevin has been putting in some heavy work to revamp the entire product line, along with the original art director being back with the brand, and Joey Cobbs running the team. The interview basically explains that they’re getting rid of complete bikes and frames and focusing solely on parts like it was originally. In the interviews, we find out that there will be some new products and complete revamp of Chad Kerley‘s signature products, and hints at a freecoaster that sounds like it will be using the Free Night Planetary internals that we’re definitely going to be seeing more brands utilizing like BSD announced the other day. After parting ways with Animal, Colin Varanyak will be getting some signature products like tires, pedals and grips as well. It sounds like they plan to release everything for your bike except for frames and complete bikes, so there should be a ton of product news in the future.

They don’t announce who else will be joining the team, but it looks like they’ll be focusing on the street side of things, and we would imagine they’ll have the budget to pull in some bigger names like the brand initially did things way back in the day when the brand originally launched.

Hit play and check this out to get an idea of what’s to come. We’re definitely stoked on what the plan is and we’re excited to see where things go.

There are some big changes happening at Premium and at seems like a rebirth is upon us. Brand OG Kevin Conners is back in the building, complete bikes are gone, Colin Varanyak is on the squad, and a ton of new parts are in the works. Get some insight on how we got here and what to expect from Kevin and learn about Colin’s reasoning for joining the brand!” – Vital BMX

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