Team Dilly Has A Mortgage

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Team Dilly video, but everyone is old with jobs and mortgages and what not. Erik Elstran and Mike Gelle dug into the archives to put together this mix of old footage that never found a home. This has a ton of great riding, good vibes and no shortage of laughs. It’s been forever since I’ve personally seen a bunch of these guys and I’m an hour away from a lot of them. Adulting sucks. Riding from Erik, Mike, Ben Austin, Landon Anderson, Seth Peterson, Cody Smiglewski, Seth Smiglewski, Rahlin Rigsby, Deljon Willis, Bink Seavey and more! Don’t pass this up!

Nearly 5 minutes of the majority of the Team Dilly family.

Edited: Eric Elstran
Filmed: Mike Gelle”

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