Tariq Haouche – New Knee, Who Dis?

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Tariq Haouche joined the very popular knee club and had ACL surgery that took him off his bike for a while. Well, the knee is all healed up and he’s back on his bike! Here’s a fresh one for Fit Bike Co. and 4Down Distribution filled with grinds galore, wallrides, big 360s and more. It’s safe to say Tariq is back to full strength! Take a look.

Stockport UK’s Tariq Haouche has been on the scene for quite some time now. After making an appearance in the 4Down x Fit “Fuk-it” UK shop stop trip and popping up at various jams up and down the country, Tariq fell victim to the cursed ‘broken ACL’ and had to take time out for surgery and recovery. Moving on a year it looks like no time was lost getting back into the swing of things with a newly crafted ACL and a welcome back edit!

Film and edit: Thaddeus O’Callaghan” – DIG

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