Sunday Bikes – Erik Elstran “Hometown Quarantimes”

We’re huge Erik Elstran fans, so when this new video for Sunday Bikes popped up we were sure today was going to be a good day! Here’s a fresh video Erik whipped up from solo sessions cruising a ton of spots with no shortage of his unique and creative approach to riding and tricks! The riding is amazing and the film work is clean! Do not pass this up!

Over the years I have spent a decent amount of time riding by myself. BMX is all about the community and sharing the experience with friends, however, riding by yourself provides a different kind of satisfaction. I personally like a balance between the two. While riding solo you have complete control of when/what to ride, and for how long you may want to try one thing. Sure, traveling and exploring new territory is always rad but there is also something to be said about riding familiar terrain and seeing new potential in old spots. Like unlocking new levels in a video game, the more tricks, confidence, and bike control you obtain, the more options you have at a spot.

This quarantine has been a strange time for just about everyone. I’m grateful I was able to spend the onset of it riding a bike (one of the best things you can do for your mental health) at spots I grew up with. Take care of yourself (stran) y’all!

Video by Erik Elstran.”

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