Street Culture Crew – Best Trick (A Best Of Latin America Insta-Compilation Of Sorts) – Our BMX

We usually don’t post videos like this but I feel like there are a ton of amazing riders in Central and South America that never get the recognition they deserve. There’s some serious tricks on all terrains in here, too many rad moves to pick a standout!

“@santiago_artigas_ @ianalesso @guille_fuentesbmx @henry.rider @ruanmosca @jesusortiz._ @bran_garcid @joel_rodriguez.c @gguendulain @carlosdell666bmx @guerrabmxag @laverdesantiago0 @moralesbk_ @kaziquebmx111 @yeimilvcrew @luisrinconbmx @wilsondanielbmx @bastianlecaros @petroch1ll_bmx @tomy_cardozo @edu2410_ @nahuel_nieto @araya_bmx @alvaro_esquivel_ @axelgonzlz @juan_delgadobmx @momocalde @benfrola

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