Sponge & Brant Moore – Four To Go

It’s been a while since we got a split edit from Brant Moore and Sponge that wasn’t a vlog style video. Here’s a look at both of these guys, along with a few others, having some fun at the Race Street Riders park out in Ohio. Although Sponge ended up with a broken ankle, it looks like both of these guys stacked a bunch of clips during other sessions to make for a full edit! As always, these guys deliver with a good mix of tricks with creativity and originality making things interesting from start to finish. Take a look!

Sponge & myself in our first split edit in 6 years at Ohio’s newest indoor skatepark, Race Street Riders Company in Dover Ohio!
Also featuring Kyle Stein, Josten Burdette, Jt Harper, and Ryan Long.

Sponge broke his ankle filming for this and had to have surgery but is currently on the mend but already walking again! Really psyched to get this out there and we will have another video once he’s riding. Hope you enjoy!” – Brant Moore

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