Simple Session “Life Is Just A Ride” Documentary

The Simple Session “Life Is Just A Ride” documentary is now online! This documentary follows Reed Stark, Madars Apse, and Risto Kalmre with 3 different perspectives on the event from the Pro riders to running the show. Typically during Simple Session we see dozens of videos with most focused on the riding, but this gives more of an in-depth behind the scenes look that is interesting to see. It also gives us a look at the history of the event from its inception to the massive event it has become with riders coming from all over the world to participate. Hit play and take it all in! Hopefully once things start going back to normal, this event can get back on track!

ONLINE PREMIERE of the Simple Session themed lifestyle documentary by Maria Reinup and crew!

“Life is Just a Ride” is a documentary that brings the positive mindset of three different characters during Simple Session, one of the biggest and longest-running action sports events in the world, to the big screen. Reed Stark is a world-renowned BMX rider from the United States. Madars Apse is one of the best European skateboarders, whose professional career began at Simple Session. Risto Kalmre is one of the masterminds behind the event that came to life from a pile of dirt 20 years ago in a small Northern European country, Estonia. The movie also features Bam Margera, Darryl Nau and many other well-known people in the scene. “Life is Just a Ride” is a thought-provoking and uplifting movie that works as an antidote to a bad mood, poor weather, or when the ju-ju is just not working for you.

“Life Is Just a Ride” was first screened at the 20th edition of the annual Simple Session last February for a sold out venue of 500 where it received standing/cheering ovations from the fans. It was followed by a successful festival premiere at the Tallinn Black Night’s Film Festival, where the uplifting documentary was well received by the younger audience in the Just Film youth programme.

Director, Producer: Maria Reinup
Editor: Johanna Maria Vilgats
Composer, Sound Designer: Arian Levin
Editing Consultant: Hendrik Mägar
Cinematographers: Alis Mäesalu, Rasmus Kosseson, Janis Kokk, Arvid Tampuu
Additional Cinematography: Emils Ozolins, Sten Ottep
Assistant Camera: Sonia Ruus
On-set extra Director : Ivan Pavljutskov
1st Assistant Director: Adele-Kristelle Lehtorg
Sound Recordists: Arian Levin, Gert Mäll, Hisham Sharafeddine
Color Grader: Alis Mäesalu
Archive material digitalization: Arvid Tampuu
Poster Design: Timo Tiivas
Teaser Trailer: Moonika Põdersalu
Executive Producers: Risto and Mario Kalmre” – Simple Session

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