Sem Kok X Magneto Hubs

There has been a lot of hype for the Magneto hubs over the last decade, and I know there’s a ton of riders out there that wanted them, but gave up hope since they seemed like they would never actually happen. Well, they came out earlier this year and have been selling out each time. Flybikes dropped this short but sweet promo featuring Sem Kok putting the hubs to work with that sweet, sweet sound that they make. Hit play and enjoy. You can learn more about the hubs over on the Flybikes website!

After over 10 years of development, dozens of prototypes, countless manufacturers who couldn’t get it right and thousands of hours of testing, the Magneto hubs finally arrived earlier this year. They’ve been hard to keep in stock, but Flybikes dealers worldwide have them available now! Seeing a rider like Sem Kok putting them to good use makes all the hard work worth it! Enjoy the sounds.

Riding filmed by: Jimmy Schaffrath , @haluxvisions
Product filming and edit by: Tonash Goodyear, @tonash1” – Flybikes

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