Scotty Cranmer – 100 Mile Challenge

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The milestones continue for Scotty Cranmer! Over the past four years Scotty has been putting in a TON of work getting his life back after his accident, and we’ve seen a ton of amazing progress. Today, he released this video of him riding 100 mile on his BMX bike. We can count on a single hand the number of people we’ve heard of that have rode 100 miles on a BMX bike in a single day. Honestly, it would be hard for anyone to do this, and he was able to knock it out over the course of a day! This is amazing. Hell yeah, Scotty!

I challenged myself with the my toughest test since my accident. I decided to try to ride my BMX bike 100 miles in a day! I have never attempted this and I am not sure of anyone else that has ever tried this before but I am going to prove to myself and the world that just because I’m a quadriplegic that doesn’t mean that my life is over!” – Scotty Cranmer

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