Saul Vilar – 13 Year Old Shredder

It’s amazing what the younger generation is doing on bikes! Here’s another prime example featuring Saul Vilar absolutely shredding some transitions on an 18″ bike! Speed, style, boost… This kid is good. Take a look!

​Fernando Laczko sent through this video he filmed with 13 year old Saúl Vilar out in Vigo, Spain and the little dude rips hard. Keep a look out for this guy in the future! Supported by Shadow Conspiracy​ and Subrosa​ via Action Wheels Shop. Here’s some info from Fernando:” – DIG

Saúl is a 13 years old kid from Vigo, Galicia. I’ve known him for a while and he has been shredding his 16″ inch bike for a couple of years now before he grew a couple inches more, changed to the 18″ bike and got the hook up on Subrosa and Shadow via Action Wheels.

I don’t get impressed by kids too often these days… the level is amazing and there are so many but after casually meeting him and his father at different events, feeling their energy about BMX and watching him kill both park and street, I’m sure, sooner or later, many people will know about Saúl. When I knew that I was gonna spend a couple of days in Vigo, I was hyped to get some clips, so I hit him up and we met at his local park “Navia”. I didn’t expect a 3 min long hammer edit!” – Fernando Laczko

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