Rim Nakamura On Subrosa PRO Team + Welcome Video

Here’s some real exciting news! Subrosa have given Rim Nakamura a super well deserved bump on up to their PRO team! Rim has been on FIRE for quite a while now, and it’s easy to see just why Subrosa made the move. Hit play for his welcome video packed with some suuuuuuper dialed riding. Crazy bangers and a ton of style packed into this one. You won’t want to miss it!

Rim Nakamura has flown the Subrosa flag long before we even met him back in 2011. Rim was just 9 years old when Hoang, Kyle, Vince and myself went to Japan for a trip and we knew then that he was something special.

Since then Rim has been riding constantly and simply getting better each day, and his smile is always ear to ear.

Now Rim is considered one of the best riders Japan has ever had, and he is their current champion.

From X-Games to the Vans Pro Cup Rim cosistanly finishes towards the top of the pack, and his sites are set on the Olympics next.

With the creation of his his signature Subrosa Flight Frame and Wings complete Rim and now the bump up to the Pro team, Rim is going to be unstoppable!

Congrats Rim!

Peter Keller
Daichi Teshigahara
Hideo Watanabe

Ryan Chadwick” – Subrosa

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