Rest In Peace, Tim Eichert

It’s always a bummer hearing that a rider has passed away. Freedom BMX announced that German BMX legend Tim Eichert has passed. They’ve put together a tribute video with some footage of Tim slaying a vert ramp, along with some words about Tim! We didn’t know Tim, but it’s safe to say he was a lifer that could shred everything. Rest in Peace, Tim! The German scene lost a good one.

The BMX scene in Bonn in the 90s was not a place of harmony. Only one rider was equally respected by everyone: Tim Eichert, a punk rock gladiator in a full-face helmet. He showed us what pure will can move.

Tim has always been true to himself and has never bent to please others. His enthusiasm for all types of BMX infected us. No matter if street, dirt or flat, the session in Bonn mostly ended at the half pipe in the Rheinaue. Here Tim boosted 540s on a much too heavy bike, back flips and flairs on a dilapidated ramp without Resi or Foam. He learned everything the hard way and knocked himself out in one or the other 900 attempts. Nobody could take any more, but at the same time he was also a gentle giant.

As the hero of our youth, Tim has only helped, be it with parts or a hard hand. He pushed us and just wanted to see how we get better. When drivers older than 35 tell melancholy that BMX used to be better, they mean personalities like Tim Eichert. Zero fucks. Pedal to the metal.

The German BMX scene has lost one of its legends. He has integrated several generations of riders into the BMX family, and without his help, many would not be where they are today. Tim, we will never forget you.

Text: Martin “Billy” Mahlert
Video: The Medialist” – Freedom BMX

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