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It’s always a bummer hearing that BMX lost a rider, and yesterday there was a big loss to BMX and the whole scene down in Austin, Texas as it was announced that Scotty Mescal lost his battle with COVID-19. Scotty was known as the Mayor of House Park and from seeing posts from some of his friends, he was the type of guy who was down to help anyone out no questions asked. We personally never met him, but it’s always tough hearing when a good one like that is taken away way too soon. Especially because of the virus that’s been rampaging around the world. Rest in Peace, Scotty!

As a memorial for Scotty, there’s been a Change.Org petition setup to rename Austin’s infamous House Park to the Scotty Mescal Park. Check out more details below…

Scotty Mescal gave his heart and soul to celebrate the skateboarding and BMX community until he was taken from us recently and suddenly. The reach of his impact was worldwide but spent most of its days in Austin Texas, mentoring kids and adults alike. Scotty understood the power of kindness. The only thing more powerful than his kind words were the actions of kindness that left a path of compassion, inspiration and hope in their wake. This was who Scotty was and how he should be remembered. To remember is the basis on which history is built. We would like to ask for your help in preserving the history of Scotty Mescal. We would like to ask for your help in sharing the story of a person who loved all, shared his wisdom and created a better place for the rest of us to continue living in. We are proposing a means to memorialize his life and to help us remember, heal and inspire not only in the skating and BMX world but to all. There are many forms this could take. One idea being considered is an installation at Heath Eiland and Morgan Moss BMX Skate Park. The format is currently undetermined but would need to speak to Scotty’s legacy while preserving the namesake of the park and the families it is meant to memorialize. While your signature is a statement to the impact Scotty has had on you, we also seek your input. He impacted so many, it demands that we hear from you. If you have ideas or resources to add to this effort please feel free to contact us here (place thing here) and share in a sentence or two. Thank you for taking the time to sign and to remember Scotty Mescal. Your memories will be come his history. Lets come together as one community and do this!

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