Primo – Johannes Winkelmann “Steel Wrists”

Johannes Winkelmann is healing up from some wrist surgery where he got some new metal hardware, but he managed to bang this fresh video out for Primo before that. Hit play to check out just under 5 minutes of great riding from the streets of Germany. This has a real good mix of tricks and spots, making for a real solid watch. If you’re looking for grinds, Johannes delivers!

Before undergoing a wrist surgery Johannes Winkelmann made sure to leave no loose ends on the streets of Nuremburg!

When Johannes Winkelmann is not teaching new tricks to CT Freestyle BMX beginners, he likes to throw himself down one or the other terrifying rail or gap. And not infrequently also backwards, which, as is well known, makes the matter a whole lot hairier than it already is.

Such daring, of course, comes at a price. And that’s why Jo had to undergo wrist surgery today, which luckily went well. We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to hopefully back in the saddle soon.

To look forward to, we have his new video for AllRide BMX Distribution and Primo, which the Angleman has been working hard on over the past year and a half. In the week right before his operation, a couple of really big things were quickly bagged for which you literally need steel wrists. But of course the technical side of the main actor is not neglected either, so that in the end a really fiery video came out. But we are not used to that any different from Johannes. Check it!

Video: Tim Schoberth
2nd camera: David Schaller, Artur Meister, Moritz Nussbaumer, Tom Weikert
Photos: Artur Meister, Georg Senger” – Freedom BMX

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