Power Plant

This is awesome. With restrictions and cold weather locking things down, the crew out in New England decided to rent out a warehouse space and build some ramps to keep the sessions going strong all winter long! Here’s a mix of footage showing us what has been going down in the place so far! This place looks like a ton of fun to ride, minus probably dodging those pillars, haha. Take a look!

Winter is rough in New England. We got all the homies together, rented out a warehouse and built our own private skatepark.


Cory Lofland
Seth Bernard
Austin Carmel
Justin Luong
Matt Horak
Colby Benoit
Colby Brouillard
Andrew Carmel
Chris Childs
Cam Childs
Dylan Straight
Shamus Kelliher
Billy Russin
Spencer Cole
James Nelson
David Lafrenier
Andy Redbears
Jeremy Tan
Andre Postell
Jonny Nemecek
Kyle Anzalotti
Nate Plumb
Nick Bouchard
Joey Marinone
Bryan Murphy
Gary Thibault
Joe Powers
Mike Price
Andrew Christopher
Shaun Gringas
Gavin Lovett
Sam Fernandes

Film/edit Matt Horak
Additional Filming Cory Lofland & Andy Redbears”

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