Philipp Schuster 2020 Video

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We’re not too familiar with Philip Schuster, but after seeing this video we’re real stoked on his riding! This BMX video is packed with smaller jibby style tricks to massive blasted airs on ramps with a mix of tricks Mat Hoffman would be stoked on (saran wrap to can can anyone?). This BMX video isn’t one where you can predict what’s coming next, so hit play and take this all in because it kicks a lot of ass.

In autumn 2020 we spent a few weeks in different BMX locations and created this video.

The project started with Philipp destroying his frame and crank after about one hour into the first session. Luckily his sponsor Elite BMX Shop reacted quickly and he got the new parts on the very next day. This way we could continue filming without any major delay.

Unfortunately there was also something called Covid-19 and we had no chance to film outside of Austria except germany. At this point we want to thank Jonas Lidermaier, Georg Fechter and Sebastian Moess for letting us ride/film at their locations. ” – Diebold Media

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