Pedal For Peace 2020 Jam

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Check out this rad video from the Pedal For Peace jam that went down in Long Beach the other weekend! The event was organized by Linwood Monk and a ton of familiar faces turned out for the day to support the cause! Check out riding from Broc Raiford, Dylan Stark, Kevin Porter, Tom Villarreal, Tony Malouf, Jeff Wescott, Demarcus Paul and more! Hit play and take this all in!

These are tumultuous times we’re currently living in. And whatever your beliefs may be, if you want to make a difference and help make a change, you need to speak up and act. That’s exactly what Long Beach local Linwood Monk did with Pedal For Peace. To say that Linwood (@bosshog) is outspoken about his beliefs is an understatement—and this past weekend he channeled that energy in a positive direction with Pedal For Peace. The ride began at Long Beach City Hall and ended at a jam with a box jump/hip setup at the beach parking lot below Bixby “Cherry” Park—where a Reggae band was coincidentally playing a mere ten feet away. In true Long Beach fashion, the event quickly turned into a melting pot of people from all walks of life getting together and having a good time. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but every effort helps us all in move the right direction, and Pedal for Peace did exactly that.” – Our BMX

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