Paul Thölen – Winter Warehouse BMX Sessions

Whenever we see Paul Tholen‘s name pop up, we know we’re going to see something awesome. Here’s a new one from some riding time he got in at a new warehouse spot over in Germany where he absolutely BLASTS. Hit play to watch Paul get close to the ceiling, as well as bringing a TON of style to the table. This is a super good watch, so hit play and enjoy!

Paul Thölen tearing the private Sportpiraten Warehouse in Flensburg (Germany) a new one.

Buckle up everyone, now it’s going to be fast! For his new edit, Paul Thölen pre-buttoned the ramp course in the warehouse of the Flensburg Sports Pirates – and ticked off one or the other hair-raising mission.

It goes without saying that he did this with a lot of style. And of course, the freedombmx park driver of the year 2020 still knows where the boost button is in his North German adopted home. It is more surprising that Paul went on a short excursion into the world of grind sport while filming. In short: don’t miss it!

PS: Before you all set off to Flensburg to visit the hall, here is an important note: The park is not open to the public!” – Freedom BMX

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