“No Promises” Full Length BMX Video

Not sure what to do today? Well, you’re in luck because Brant Moore has decided to upload the full “No Promises” video online for your viewing pleasure. This video is 40 minutes of riding with emphasis on Ohio riders from a bunch of skateparks, street spots, backyard ramps, trails and more. With this many riders, you get a wide range of styles and tricks, which makes for a super good watch since it’s not the same thing over and over. Take a look. You won’t be disappointed.

With clips from 35+ riders and footage from as far back as almost 10 years ago, I present to you, No Promises!

Sections from:
John Tullis
Trevor Watring
691 Mix
Random Mix
Danny Cattarin, Brenden Wargo, Cody Bogyus Split
Josh Corsi
Cody Barnes (Play back at 2X)
Brian Horecky

After premiering in a REAL movie theater ( and then premiering at Ray’s MTB, I am so proud to show the internet this finished product.” – Brant Moore

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