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When Nathan Williams and Christian Rigal team up for a video project, you know that it’s going to be an absolute BANGER. For the past 3 years Nathan has been putting in work on his bike with Christian behind the lens for a video project called “Why Not?” that will be dropping on August 7th. This is going to be a digital download you can buy, but it sounds like they have a bunch of prizes you could possibly win if you do buy the video! Check out the trailer up top, then get the details on the video below!

Pre-advance purchase Nathan’s Why Not section Here:

With no deadline in sight ‘Why Not’ featuring Nathan Williams is and independent video project shot in 3 years from California to Texas! With the idea of creating a new platform for a rider and filmer to produce their own content, we wanted to try something different and really take our time to create something special! Shot entirely in 4k/5k ‘Why Not’ features some of the most progressive riding Bmx has every seen in the highest resolution for your eyes to enjoy! On top of the video part each pre order before the 08/07/2020 release will be automatically entered into a raffle with over 30 chances to win free product from Nathan’s sponsors! We’ve got everything from his personal bike, to head to toe Etnies kits, Source Bmx gift cards, Kink frame and bars, Cinema Parts, Help hats, and plenty of clothing from everyone involved! Please help us in spreading the word and supporting this project! Any and all proceeds will go back into creating more original content like this for everyone to enjoy! Digital Download goes live 08/07/20 at 9am!
” — Christian Rigal

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