Morgan Wade Discusses His New Signature Hoffman Bikes Frame

Weight weenies can breathe easier knowing that it was just a scale that was off by 2 lbs! A few weeks back Hoffman Bikes announced the new Morgan Wade signature Wade Frame that was a limited run of U.S made frames. They looked awesome and sold out IMMEDIATELY despite the price being higher than most frames. One thing that stood out was the weight was listed at 7.6 lbs. which seemed off, but you know, Morgan is a beast on a bike so maybe they just overbuilt it to be bomb proof, right? Well, it turns out the scale used to weigh it was off by a couple pounds and they actually weigh in at 5.5 lbs., which is more like where we expected it to be. It turns out that if you missed out on the U.S version, there are some Taiwan made Wade frames coming that are in the 4.13 lbs.! So, really, it went from the heaviest frame to one of the lightest, haha. Either way, hit play and take in all the details!

Remember a few weeks back when we ran a story about how Morgan Wade’s new signature Hoffman frame weighed 7.6lbs? Well, it turns out it actually weighs A LOT less. Watch this and hear about the confusion from Morgan himself!” – Vital BMX

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