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We’ve always wondered if being able to ride a unicycle could translate to some super balance / control skills on a BMX bike, and if Mimo Seedler is any proof of that, we would say yes. Here’s a look at his slaying every rail and ledge in sight on two wheels in this fresh BMX video from Freedom BMX. That last pedal grind is wild! Take a look!

Mimo Seedler is the best street unicyclist in the world – at least if we have our way! The jury at the Unicycle World Cup 2019 in South Korea saw things a little differently, which is why the over-talented young man from Leipzig “only” landed in 2nd place there. BUUUUH! All jokes aside, Mimo gets off his unicycle abnormally. Who cares about any titles? They’re just smoke and mirrors anyway! And it also gets along perfectly with two wheels. Which is not surprising, after all, for him it should be a bit like driving a training wheel. He definitely has various crank arm tricks on lock and his railride game is also pretty strong. Because Mimo is also a great guy, various parts of Odyssey can now be found on his unicycle. SIBMX recently signed the vice world champion and of course sent him a thick CARE package. Because there was still a little space in it and the North German wholesaler naturally knows about the BMX skills of the newest horse in the stable, a cog from Sunday Bikes was also included. This is used in Mimo’s first BMX video for SIBMX, oh well, even his first BMX edit ever – and quite impressively (see above) – but otherwise there will be a lot of standing around in the corner in the near future. Unfortunately, Mimo broke his thumb these days and needs an operation. We wish him a speedy recovery and maybe we’ll be able to get our jaws up again until he gets well. Well, that’s unlikely … YEWW!” – Freedom BMX

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