Matt Ray Signature Designer Tires

If you’re in the market for some new BMX tires, you have a new option now that the Matt Ray signature Designer Tires from Subrosa Brand are available now! These tires, based on Subrosa’s popular Street Digger tires, have a super round tread design that wraps around to the sidewalls to give you extra protection while grinding and more grip while carving heavy. The soft and grippy rubber compound and unique tread pattern has micro-knurling throughout that makes for a great all around tire on everything from wood and cement parks to the streets. The Designer tires come in a 2.40″ size only with a 110 PSI rating, with Black and Red color options and a 26.65 oz. weight!

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Subrosa Brand Designer Tire Matt Ray Signature BMX tire

The Designer tire is landing at BMX shops and mail-orders that carry Subrosa Brand now and will be in the Subrosa Webstore starting next week (October 26th, 2020ish) so you can get these tires there if you don’t have a local shop or a preferred mail-order that has the tires in stock!

Subrosa Bike Tire tire

Clean Matt Ray Designer logo on the sidewall.

Subrosa Brand BMX tire

A unique tread pattern that gives you plenty of grip on everything from wood to concrete with a wrap around design to give you protection from grinds and plenty of grab while carving! Available in Black and Red colors!

What do you think of the new Matt Ray signature Designer tire from Subrosa? Do you have any questions? Please let us know in the comments below!

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links and we could receive a small commission that supports this website if you were to buy these tires from the Subrosa Webstore. There is no price difference by using these links and we would never recommend a product unless we were completely stoked on it and found it to be quality.

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