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Lux BMX have been on fire with the raw cuts lately, all coming from their Aeterna DVD that dropped earlier this year. Here’s a look at raw cuts featuring Boyd Hilder, Brock Olive and Denby Chandler! Boyd up top, and the other videos down below!

Boyd has been on a tear the past few years and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon. These are the raw unedited clips from Boyds time filming for the Aeterna DVD.
Filmed by Mike Vockenson

Brock Olive has been a part of LUXBMX for a very long time and when we started the filming for LUXBMX’s first full-length Aeterna it was no question that he would be a getting a section. Brock has a style that’s very unique and that’s why it’s so damn entertaining to watch! 9 minutes of Brock Olive for you all!
Filmed by Mike Vockenson

Over the years that we took filming for Aeterna, Denby joined the team and stacked hard drives full of clips.

Denby goes IN when it comes to putting a clip together, here are some favourites and some battle clips from Denby’s few years!

Denby rides for Sunday Bikes and Odyssey BMX through BMX International Distribution!
Filmed By Mike Vockenson“

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