Justin Shorty “AANGLES” Extras

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It’s always pretty wild when you get a video that’s all clips that won’t be making it into a full-length video. Justin Shorty has been putting in a ton of work for Scott Marceau‘s new “AANGLES” full-length video, and he had 4 minutes of footage that didn’t make the cut. These aren’t your average scraps, either. Had we not known this was leftovers for the full-length, we would have just thought this was a banger edit from Justin. Hit play to watch him put all 4 pegs to heavy use. Also stoked to see the brakes getting throwing into the mix as well.
If this is any indicator of how the final video will turn out, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be amazing. Get stoked.

Justin Shorty stars in COOL BEANS

An AANGLES™ Tangent

With appearances by Derek Dorame and Ryan Howard

Music: Remember Sports “You’re So Sorry” and “Clean Jeans” from the album Sunchokes (Remastered, 2019)”

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