How To Manual On A BMX Bike

Want to learn how to manual on a BMX bike?

If you’re just starting out in BMX, there’s a good chance you’re trying to learn how to manual on a BMX bike, and you’re finding that it’s trickier than it seems when you first start trying to figure the trick out. Dustin Lee decided to whip up a how to video showing you how to learn the trick from just getting it started to holding it longer and applying it to a few different spots like hopping up onto a ledge. This is one of those tricks that start out super difficult, but once you get a lot of practice and figure it out, it becomes easier and easier and you can quickly learn how to add it to lines, mix tricks before or after the manual and more. So, if you’re looking to learn how to manual on a BMX bike, then you’ll want to get on that play button and take it all in, then grab your bike and get to work on it!

Welcome back to another video. I recently met some kids who were asking about tips on how to manual, so I figured why not make a video? So here you go, I hope you enjoy and if you have any follow up questions, please comment on the video.” – Dustin Lee

What do you think of the video? Did it help you figure it out? Do you have any personal tips or tricks that Dustin didn’t mention that helped you learn this trick? Let us know what is on your mind in the comments down below! It’s pretty cool how little tips can help somebody completely figure out a trick they might be struggling on, and this is one of those tricks that small adjustments can make a huge difference!

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