How To Hurricane On A BMX Bike

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Want to learn how to hurricane on a BMX bike?

With more and more riders throwing brakes back on their bikes, Brant Moore decided it was time to put together a how to video teaching you how to hurricane on a BMX bike! This trick that involves spinning and brakes can be a tricky one to learn, but once you get it dialed in, it can be used in a bunch of different setups and it looks so good when it’s done right! Hit play to let Brant give you plenty of tips and examples on how to get the trick done, then grab your bike and try to figure it out!

The hurricane is a staple BMX brake trick that has been a classic for years. A good hurricane never gets old and they are always awesome to see.

The hurricane is a BMX trick that lives up to the name and feels just as wild as it looks. In this video I cover everything you need to know to learn the hurricane as well as how to actually do it.
The biggest factor to learning the hurricane is commitment. This is a trick that you want to be fully committed to when learning but once you get all of the building blocks down, you are certainly ready to give it a try on quarters.” – Brant Moore

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