Game of BIKE – Cory Berglar VS Matty Cranmer

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Scotty Cranmer has been on fire with the video again lately. The crew took a trip down to Woodward East to spend some time riding and having a good time. Here’s a video giving us a look at what went down during a Game of BIKE between Cory Berglar and Matty Cranmer that you already know got wild. Hit play to check out what went down and who took the win!

The final showdown to complete the Game Of Bike trilogy between Matty Cranmer and Cory Berglar and this time it’s at one of the world’s most iconic skateparks, Woodward!
This was one of the best Game of bikes that I have ever seen both riders pushed themselves and each other to the limits and I was sad that one rider had to be the winner and the other rider had to be the loser! You guys are going to love this video!
” – Scotty Cranmer

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