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Get a look at the new Ruben II grips from Flybikes…

Over the years we’ve seen A LOT of products come and go from brands all over the world. One line of products that have stood the test of time have been the Ruben Alcantara signature line from Flybikes. The Ruben grips and Ruben Pedals have been apart of their line up for quite some time now and they really haven’t had too many changes made behind some small tweaks or adding a plastic version of the pedals for the riders who don’t prefer metal pedals.

After 15 years of production, Ruben decided he wanted to try out something new with his signature Ruben grips and went to work with Flybikes to create a new version of the grip that kept a similar pattern and feel, but had some key improvements. The Ruben II grips have a similar look, but an even better feel. They’ve removed the taper from the end of the grips, made the ribs on the grip thinner, taken the diameter down a bit to 29mm, and added a unique 45mm diameter flange that tapers with a mushroom pattern to give it a really comfortable feel.

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The Ruben 2 grips have a 160mm length with a soft 25-degree rubber durometer and come in colors of Black and Gum with a $10 price tag. For those of you worried about the weight of your grips, these weigh in at 3.95 oz. (112 grams). You can pick these BMX grips up through BMX shops and mail-orders that carry Flybikes worldwide and online now, or direct from the Flybikes webstore now!

Check out more photos below…

 Ruben II Grips

Flybikes BMX Ruben II Grips

Flybikes BMX Ruben 2

What do you think about the Ruben II grips from Flybikes? Do you have any questions? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments down below!

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