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It’s always a good day when Florent Soulas has a new BMX video to check out! Here’s his latest filmed over the course of the past 2 years over in France! Dialed riding from street spots with no shortage of style, bike control and speed. Nobody does it quite like Florent and the spots he rides are crazy. This all makes for such a good watch! Take a look because this is just shy of 6 minutes o pure gold.

Long time FIT International team member Florent Soulas is a remarkable bike rider, especially when you consider he lives a family life with 3 kids, works a full-time job as an organic gardener and then goes out and slays it on his bike like this. Our man Antoine Sabourin spent the last two years working on this with Florent, filming on the French Atlantic coast whenever they had some spare time, and damn did it turn out good! We can never get enough of watching this dude.” – DIG

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