Fit X Allride – Kilian Reichmeyer 2020 Video

Fit Bike Co.‘s connect over in Germany through Allride Distribution, Kilian Reichmeyer coming through with a fresh batch of footage from the sessions he has been getting out in the streets. Take a look at all these real solid clips!

Kilian Reichmeyer on fire, killing it on the streets of Munich (Germany) for @Fitbikeco. and AllRide BMX Distribution. Yeww!

After the new video by Kilian Reichmeyer for Fitbikeco. and AllRide BMX Distribution celebrated its world premiere last weekend as part of our big “freedombmx Awards 2020” online award ceremony (see HERE), the thing is now also available as a single on our YouTube channel. And with what? Rightly of course!

Because the edit is a decent board, for which Kilian has been busy piling one hammer clip after the next on the streets of Munich over the past few months. There is also one or two clips from Cologne, but only marginally. It is much more important that you click on “Play” immediately. Kilian is going off – and really!

Camera: André Bodlin, Quirin “Q” Reichmeyer, Fabian Bader
Editor: Fabian Bader” – Freedom BMX

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