Fit Bike Co. – Keir Sirlin Rollin’ with Fit

10 year old Keir Sirlin is already a shredder!

It’s pretty amazing seeing all the kids who have been riding at amazing levels these days. It’s been even more awesome seeing more and more girls getting in on the fun. In this case, 10 year old Keir Sirlin is holding it down in both departments. Hit play to see what this girl is throwing down at a couple different parks! Blasting airs, locking in grinds and stalls and more! It’s safe to say we’ll be seeing more of Keir in the future and we can only imagine what’s to come from her!

We’re just gonna put this lil’ compilation right here so we can say we knew her when… introducing 10-year-old Keir Sirlin. Keir hails from Vancouver, Washington, has a little brother named Steele who also shreds, and skates great too! She loves BMX and we love her! Welcome to the squad Ms. Sirlin!” – Fit Bike Co.

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